Goodbye Policy Handbook, Hello Policy Wiki

For the most part, I work at a place that is fairly innovative. We do things that often require us to re-write the policy and procedures book to allow us to provide a particular solution to our clients. But even so, we are still tethered to the standard linear, paginated, print-it-cause-we’ll-eventually-have-to-read-it policy book format. I suggested to a like-minded digitally-adept coworker the other day that we should scrap the book and use an internal wiki.

Well, I just finished transforming one policy handbook into a wiki. I used the EXTREMELY SIMPLE (and totally free) tiddlywiki . Basically, I copied and pasted the various segments from the handbook into the html-based wiki, then added all the tags. Now for the big sell at tomorrow’s staff meeting. I hope that by providing them an example of the handbook in wiki form with some basic instructions, they will see the potential.


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