Tools of the Trade:

June 27, 2008

“Who would you like to jott?” is a thus far free service that converts your short phone messages into text, then sends that text to any of your pre-established contacts. I primarily use it to take quick notes or set reminders for myself while I’m on the go. I also have a setting to automatically post messages onto this blog and a setting to text my wife. There are a multitude of applications…imagination is your limit.

Most recently, I’ve set up a system that will allow me to easily track my mileage for work. When I get to the location, I simply look at the odometer, and state the mileage in a jott message to myself. When my outlook receives the jott message about mileage, it auto transfers it to the mileage folder. Then, at the end of the month I can easily process all the mileage claims.

I’ve been impressed with the accuracy of the voice-to-text conversions, although I do keep the messages brief and simple. It sometimes converts “too” as “2” and vice versa. On difficult words, it allows you to say the word, then spell it out (eg “watt… However, the converted text in such an instance only displays the word, “watt.”

Happy Jottin!