Mind Mapping during Virtual Brainstorms

The ThinkBalm Innovation Community is doing incredible work advancing the use of the immersive internet.  As a member, I’ve thus far participated in three sessions of the virtual brainstorming series.  We utilize a 3D mindmapping tool I developed, a 3D instant polling tool, voice & text chat during the events.  After the last event, I successfully exported the 3D map of our discussion into a text outline and imported that outline into a MindMeister map…here’s the result.



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  1. […] Lowe of the ThinkBalm Innovation community posted recently about on-line brainstorming session using a 3D mind mapper that he had developed.  Naturally, I […]

  2. Jeff Lowe says:

    Howdy Vic & all,

    The tool is brand new. I developed it in Second Life for the ThinkBalm Innovation community. I am open sourcing the tool and along with a team of developers, working on adding many features, such as the ability to interact with the map via web, OpenSim, Second life, via email, wiki, and text chat. We aim to develop a tool that will allow users a wide variety of methods to collaborate and contribute, like adding from the web, and participants in the virtual world instantly seeing the addition, and vice versa. We will soon have a web home for the development effort. As soon as the collaboratorium is established, I will post details here. Until then, here are some links for more information on the current version:

    Brainstorming Session #3


  3. vicgee says:


    I have a site where I collect information about mind mapping and other information mapping tools, and I’d like to know about the 3D mind mapper you mentioned. I know of 3D Topicscape, Nelements, Conspicio, Mind Scene and Morcego. Is it one of those?

    If not, can you tell me where I can find more information so that I can add it to my site?

    The master list of mind mapping &
    information management software

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