brainboard v0.2Greetings, all.

I’ve made significant progress on the BrainBoard, my newest virtual collaborative tool.  The tool, being close to release and sale, is already fully operational in both Second Life and Open Sim (successfully tested on ReactionGrid).

What is it?

Think sticky notes on a whiteboard, and you have the basic concept.

What can it do?

In collaboration mode, multiple users can create new notes for the board, add and edit the text of the note, change the text color to classify, and rearrange the notes into whatever order on the board is desired.  While in moderator mode, only the moderator or owner can operate the board.  The export feature outputs the work in text outline form, allowing you to capture and store the meeting’s work.  A voting mode allows participants to vote on notes, enabling more collaborative sorting.  See the current Instruction Sheet for more detailed operation instructions.

There are some export/import, real-time web syncing, and instant 2D to 3D display conversion features on the horizon that are truely exciting.  I will post the most updated information on the tool here as the project develops…so stay tuned.


5 Responses to

  1. Cool Jeff!

    I would love to test this out some day.

  2. Jeff Lowe says:

    I’ve contacted Dudeney Ge. He has no problem with the duplicate names. Hopefully, it will not cause much confusion and perhaps help publicize both his simple free tool and my feature-rich for-purchase tool.

  3. I’m looking for one of these. I’ve just followed jefflowe on the twitters. Hopefully the release of BrainBoard will be announced there.

    BTW, there is currently a similar put seemingly less feature packed freebie out there called BrainBoard 4.0 from Dudeney Ge. Hope folks aren’t too confused by this, I was.

  4. Jeff Lowe says:

    No problem, Gina. Glad it’s bringing you value!

  5. Gina Schreck says:

    I bought one of these brain boards and I love it! I am always looking for cool collaborative tools to allow teams to work more effectively in virtual worlds–this is a great addition to our offerings at Synapse 3Di-Thanks Jeff

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