The BrainBoard

What Is It?

It’s a multi-user collaboration tool for use in virtual environments (like Open Simulator and soon Unity3D).

What Does It Do?

It allows users to simultaneously create & edit short text notes that appear on the board, much like sticky notes on a whiteboard.  Notes are organized & classified by changing their color, shape, size, and position.  With a few clicks, users can create a connection between multiple notes.  Switch on the vote mode, and enable participants to cast their vote for any notes.  Owners control who have access to the board by switching between Open Mode & Moderator mode.

Can I Save, Capture, or Import My Work?

Sure.  Export the contents of the board as a text outline to email or chat.  Pre-populate the board for an event or meeting with chat import.

With a subscription to the BrainStore, your BrainBoard gets a web-based hard drive.  Quickly save & retrieve entire board sessions.  Save your work in progress, then reload at a later time to continue work.  Save frequently referenced sessions as templates, ready to load whenever needed.  All note characteristics (size, shape, colors, text, connections, position) are saved, so your work looks exactly the way you left it.

How Do I Operate It?

Training options for the current version (V2):

View the User Tutorial


Buy It For ReactionGrid or a Private Grid

Single tool: $50 USD via ReactionGrid  Shop

BrainStore Subscription: $265 USD Annually

Enterprise-Wide Licensing: Need the flexibility to roll out multiple boards to multiple internally hosted grids?  Need a behind-the-firewall BrainStore to insure data security?  Contact us directly for a quote.


All purchases include:

*1 year free updates and tech support.
*Discounted prices on newly released tool versions.
*Access to free training & orientation sessions available online and on ReactionGrid.

All single tool purchase permissions set to: no copy/no modify/no transfer

EDUCATOR DISCOUNT:  All Educational Non-Profit purchasers receive a discount.  Please contact us to verify you qualify.

Need it Tweaked or Need a Tool Created?

For technical support or to request customization of this tool, please contact:  jeff (AT) reactiongrid (DOT) com

If you would like information on other existing collaboration tools, custom virtual tool development, or immersive event consulting, please contact:  jeff (AT) reactiongrid (DOT) com

7 Responses to The BrainBoard

  1. […] BrainBoard Version 2 is now available for purchase. The new version includes several new features and a simplified interface, said designer Jeff Lowe, including the ability for users to connect notes “on the fly” and change the shape of the notes. […]

  2. Ener Hax says:

    wow! that is quite a tool! heck it would be nice to have something like that in the real world!


  3. We are using the BrainBoard almost every week at our IMMERSION:tools.jam sessions, packed as it is, with functionality but also because it is so useful and handy for working with a group to record and guide the discussion. Thanks for your great work, Jeff!

  4. Erica Driver says:

    Looking forward to using the BrainBoard at upcoming ThinkBalm Innovation Community brainstorming session, Jeff.

  5. Liane Sousa says:

    Really interesting and rich application, this is for me a kind of immersive Knowledge Building.
    Excellent concept, I would like to know when it will be available.

  6. […] Watch the videos to see how the BrainBoard works. And here are some tutorial videos. […]

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love the BrainBoard and would like to use it in my virtual class. When will it be available and how can I purchase it. Excellent concept…I’m so excited to have found it. I also like your Attitudometer – I will use that as well.

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