BrainBoard Instruction Sheet

(Visit the Video Tutorial page more more indepth instructions)

Participant Controls

Create Note button
(Allows participants to create a new note)
Creates a new note.

To Move a Note…
To move a note, participants touch the desired note (turns red), then touch the area of board where they want the note to go.

To Add a line of Text…
Touch the desired note (turns red), then type the text into chat.

Edit Note button
(Allows participants to edit note text & characteristics)
To edit the text of a note, participants first touch the desired note (turns red), then touch the Edit Note button.  A menu of options will appear only to them.

Text Color: Changes the color of the note text.

Note Color: Changes the color of the note prim.

Edit Text: The text of the note appears in chat.  Participants then copy and paste the text into their chat window, edit as needed (separating all lines with //), then hit enter.

Owner & Moderator Controls

Mode Button
Switches the board between Moderator Mode & Collaborative Mode
Collaborative Mode: Anyone can Create Notes, Move Notes, and Edit Notes.
Moderator Mode: Only the set moderator or owner can use the board.

Admin Button

Pulls up a menu with administrative features for the Owner and Moderator:

: Allows you to set the moderator for the board.  The desired moderator then touches the base of the board near the colored buttons.

Vote Mode
When on, allows participants to cast one vote per each note.
When turned off, the votes reset to zero and disappear.

Removes all notes from the board.  Be sure to export before you erase.

Supp Board: You can creates a supplemental board if you need more sorting space, and delete it when you are done.

Seating: Creates a small table and POV Chairs.  Once seated, participants can cycle through preset camera views for optimal board viewing.

Export: Exports the text of all notes from the Main board or Supplemental board to the moderator & owner.  You can choose to export to text chat, or to an email address.  You can also set the email address via the menu option.

Import: You can populate the board quickly by importing a text outline via chat.  Each left-justified line (like “Agenda” and “Tasklist” in the example) will create a new note.  All lines below that are either indented or contain a space (like “Introductions” and “Brainstorm”) will be included in the note. The following is an example of the properly formatted text outline and the resulting BrainBoard input:


*Much like the physical world, the text on the board is better viewed closer.  Move too far away, and the text disappears.
*Both sides are viewable to maximize participant view.

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