The 3DPointer


What exactly does it do?

It helps the user visually identify exact positions within the immersive environment.  When activated, it points exactly where the user’s camera is focused.  The owner clicks on any part of the pointer to activate and deactivate.  I’ve found this little tool extremely useful during my immersive in-world events, meetings, and product demonstrations.

Owners can access the Admin menu (via the  logo button) to set the pointer to “Owner Only” or “Collaborative” modes.  In collaboration mode, anyone can click on the tool to use.


To Purchase:

Visit the ReactionGrid Shop or contact me directly

PERMS:  no copy/no mod/no transfer

If you would like information on other existing facilitation tools, custom virtual tool development, or virtual event consulting, please contact:  Jeff  at  reactiongrid  dot  com

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