Immersive Collaboration Toolbox

Having the right tools for the right job not only saves time, energy and money, but most importantly improves the quality of the end product.  I developed these tools to improve collaboration within the Second Life and Open Sim immersive environments.  All are designed to address specific needs, to be easily operated, and to be very easy to learn.

1.  Attitudometer

The Attitudometer

2.  BrainBoard

3.  Ideaographer


4.  3DPointer


5.  Name Tag


5 Responses to Immersive Collaboration Toolbox

  1. subquark says:

    These are phenomenal tools! Thank you for sharing your passion by creating these.

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  4. jack McCarty says:

    hope to see you at your tour at 1:30 today. I plan to bring students.

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