About Me

My immersive work:

I help people & organizations collaborate more effectively & accomplish difficult things within immersive environments.  Here are a few of the ways I help:

* Custom Second Life & Open Sim script development
* Custom immersive tool development
* Experientializing & virtualizing data within immersive environments
* Training & product tutorial machinima (video) production
* Consultation services on training, collaboration, virtual tool development, event management, & data visualization/experentialization

If you or your organization has a challenge within an immersive environment, please contact me.  Perhaps together we could develop a fantastic solution.

The day job:

As a Project Manager for the OU Center for Public Management, I partner with a variety of public and private organizations to enhance their employee development programs, orchestrate their events, develop & implement programs to better engage their clientele, and improve their operations.  In serving my current clients, I take on the following primary roles:

* Video Producer
* Event Planner
* Public Relations Consultant
* Social Media Consultant
* Collaborative Technology Consultant
* Web Developer

One Response to About Me

  1. Robert Klein says:


    These tools look absolutley fantastic! Is there any way you could distribute them as an OpenSim OAR file? I do all sorts of training and education in SL, OpenSim, and my own internal grids based on OpenSim. These tools would be VERY helpful and I would enjoy helping you QA and test them in the OpenSim environment.


    Robert Klein

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